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I said you couldn't use any of my art. The game was also my idea and I didn't get thanked anywhere. I'll make a decision about whether i'm going to blow the whistle shortly...

Kinda Pointless..

still found it pretty funny though.

Very Nice

I really enjoyed this game even thought it being here is going to keep my latest game out of todays top 5 =(. Anyway its nice to see a new RPG game, there quite a rarity nowadays.

Paranoia responds:

Heh, what about that Hell thing? That was pretty awesome :)

Hope your game does well whatever :D


I don't know why but i'm totally blown away by this. Its probably my love off all things domino =P. Anyways really nice game.

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... it gets crazy in arcade mode on later levels : - )


If Uterly and ReNaeNae made the intro. ReNaeNae made the background. Uterly and Conman-93 made the drag and drops things. What did you do short-monkey? please don't say coding because w-e-p told me he done that.

Anyways onto the game. The intro was the best thing about it really. Some of the in-game graphics were well drawn but due to some problems with layers you could'nt use them properly. Background was also nice.

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Chaos-Insignia responds:

Thanks for the review!

What did I do? Ok:

1. I lead the project (I'm the one who put it all together.)
2. I made the hat, the wizard face, that green monster and the pumpkin.
3. I chose the music and made the small picture.
4. West-End-Pro gave me an example on how to do the actionscript and I DID work on it for 30 minutes, but I couldn't have done it without him.

If you have any further questions just send me a PM.

((( ShortMonkey )))

Great Work

This will be handy when i decide to learn more AS. But since w-e-p is my b**** that won't be anytime soon. All off you have done well on this be proud.

Depredation responds:

Yeah, i saw your Game, it's looking good :D. Thanks for the review :).

Great Game

I myself am working on a game similar to this but different so if i can just ask. How difficult did you find coding this?

Eggy responds:

Not too bad, hard to come up with at first then it was smooth going, but its the bugs that took me ages to get out, i got heaps out but as you can see theres still a few.

Totally Addictive.

Graphics -Simple but worked well with the game.

Style - Apart from the 1st version of the game ive never seen anything quite like this.

Sound - Decent not great.

Violence - Limbs sliced off, blood effects.

Interactivity - Its a game (an extremley addictive one)

Humour - Its great to watch the Ragdoll back flip through the air before being decapitated.

Overall - This game is absolutley brilliant but a few features could be added if your going to make a third:
+Customization eg Choose the colour of your player and change the spikes and background colour (wouldn't generally improve it but would make some people happy)

+Instant Replays

+Difficulty settings

very good

I enjoyed this game quite alot. I thought I would point out that on the Sky Level the boss part you can just leave the mouse where it starts and you will pass the level, you spelt final wrong in the game and in your review I think you mean "Couldn't of done it withOUT the fans that supported me during the demo trial."


Graphics=0 - Just an orange background with text
Style=0 - Theres loads of tutorials with the same information here
Sound=2 - Didn't like the music but atleast there was sound of decent quality
Violence=0 - I think you know why
Interactivity=5 - Since you have to press buttons to see the whole flash
Humor=2 - Your grammar made me laugh
Overall=1 - You tried but if you expect others to want your help then it would help to have some submissions in the portal. I gave you a 1/5.

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